Group Therapy

Mind-Body Movement Group

 Therapist will educate group on emotional and mental health benefits of specific Tai Chi and Qigong movements while leading participants through a series of movements to help with emotional healing and well-being. Each session will also include time for individuals to process past and present pains and stressors within a group setting to gain a sense of unity with others, offer and gain moral support, and release and heal under the guidance and care of a licensed counselor.


Group size: 4-8 individuals

Group fees: $30-$35 per person/per session

Group times: Tuesdays from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Saturdays TBD

Start date: TBD based on enrollment (will not start group without minimum of 4 interested parties)

Group duration: 6 to 8 weeks


*All participants to be screened for group appropriateness prior to starting group. Open to adults 18 and up.


Email or call to enroll or for more information.